AGRI TRACTORS is a new development focusing on African Market and is a fine result of Quality Engineering Technology that filtered a better Tractor Models for African Farming Community and Machinery Sectors that contribute in Small Scale and Medium Scale African Farmers. All Standard are meet during assembling. These highly cost effective Tractors are lesser in Fuel consumption and lesser in Noise & Pollution Control. Updating constantly and improving itself more and more day by day, AGRI-TRACTORS, with its 10 models of AGRI Tractors still keeps alive the will to face and overcome challenges in the modern world.

AGRI brand Tractors & Equipments are industrialised that incorporated to its philosophy a big dose of boldness that, coupled with a lot of dedication and hard work, conquered respect and admiration in the countries where it operates.


To offer besides than products and services, creative and competitive solutions especially in African agriculture and farming vehicles, in order to anticipate and differentiate themselves from competition in specific market opportunities. All with appropriate quality to customer needs, providing consistent feedback to all people involved and respecting the nature.


To be a successful company recognised for its Tractors and Equipments.


  • Customer's satisfaction
  • Quality in all actions
  • Collaborators: appreciation and involvement
  • Profitability: the guarantee of perpetuity
  • Focus on partnerships
  • Ethical behavior
  • Respect the environment
  • Supplier: indispensable link
  • Social Responsibility


Seek the satisfaction of external clients through the excellence of our products and services.

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